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NJ HIIT Coaches are the leaders of our fitness training classes, personal training sessions and health assessments. They are actively engaged in leading classes and conducting private appointments. They assist our fitness community in their health journey through leadership by example empathy, and world class guidance.


Are you ready to lead? If you meet the following requirements, submit your resume to our leadership team via the link below. 



  • Active, energetic, outgoing, pleasant, and a welcoming disposition

  • Knowledgeable, Coachable, Service-Oriented

  • Confident and a consistent positive attitude

  • High level of attention to detail and well organized

  • Effective communication/diplomacy skills and good problem solving skills

  • Must be team oriented.

  • Must have a strong desire to help others.

  • Must have a passion for health and fitness.

  • Must have a strong desire to learn and grow intellectually.

  • Must undergo and complete the NJ HIIT Coach certification program 


Top-notch level of physical fitness is not a requirement. However, we are looking for potential NJ HIIT coach candidates that display reputable character and high energy.  We are looking for leaders in the physical fitness and health industry who have a passion for helping others succeed in health, fitness and overall wellness. All potential NJ HIIT coach candidates are required to pass an NJ HIIT Coach certification course regardless of the Nationally accredited certification they hold; regardless of the NJ HIIT coach in the field instructing a class, the overall experience to the members should be the same.


We are looking for our next leaders; if you think you have what it takes, submit a resume with the above-mentioned requirements, video introduction/highlight (not required but preferred).

Submit the following requirements to

  • Resume

  • All current certifications

  • Years of experience

  • Customer service experience

  • Coaching history

  • Why fitness?

  • Availability

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