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Fall Fitness Challenge
Win the Year!

September 12th-November 21st
2022 is moving right along quickly and it's time to crank it up to a new gear and win the year! You still have time! 

What better way to do it than with our new Fall Fitness Challenge!

The NJ HIIT Fall Fitness challenge is an upgrade from our previous InBody Challenges.   Not only is it a body fat loss and muscle gain contest, but a health transformation opportunity to get you on a better track to a healthier, happier life this coming year. Plus, you'll have our NJ HIIT Coaches and your accountability teams keeping you going!

The goal of this challenge is to help you develop a better relationship with fitness, nutrition and health as well as reward individuals who improve their overall body composition by increasing lean body mass/ muscle (LBM) and/or losing fat mass (FM).
 What's included:
  • Weigh In & Weigh Outs using our state-of-the-art InBody® Body Composition machine, including a half way point check in to ensure we are heading in the right direction.

  • Nutritional support with NJ HIIT Nutritionist Priscilla Carrasco.

  • Weekly live Zoom Meetings with Coach Jose

  • Free Personal Training session with a Certified NJ HIIT Coach once a month.

  • Non-Members receive a 2-month Pass to NJ HIIT classes ($440 value)

    • Classes include: Boxing, TRX, HIIT, Strength, Conditioning, Endurance  & More!​

  • Non-Members receive an Open Gym pass to NJ HIIT for the length of the challenge.

  • Access to NJ HIIT Fitness resources such as Normatec Recovery Boots & MyZone

  • Access to the Accountability Chat Group (Telegram app)

  • Accountability Groups will be assigned

  • Accountability Coaches will be in touch with the group throughout the challenge.

  • End of Challenge meet up! 


Required Challenges include:

  • Run or walk a total of 30 Miles during the challenge (Walking if unable to run is ok).

  • Commit to training a Minimum of 5 days a week (anywhere in the world)

  • Earn minimum of 4500 MyZone Effort Points (MyZone Belt Needed to earn points but not required for the challenge.)

  • Once a week group workout just for those in the challenge.

  • Once a month team run. 

  • 1x Grit Early Morning Hike with Coach Jose. 

  • Use of MyFitnessPal or other Nutritional tracking/accountability app

  • ​Hydration and nutritional requirements will be given on Day 1.
  • Participate actively in the accountability group chat. 


Member Registration- $69

Non-Member Registration- $199

In addition to improved body composition, health, and fitness levels,  we will be giving  prizes to both the Male and Female winners! 


This challenge is open to members and non-members alike! Non-members will receive unlimited access to NJ HIIT and resources for the length of the challenge! Thats an additional $440 value
Be a leader towards health in families and friendships!
Invite your friends and family members to take on this challenge with you and help improve overall health and fitness for generations to come! Help a non-member friend or family member register to the challenge and receive a 5% credit on your investment!
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