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Why Train at NJ HIIT for your PPT?

A Results-Driven Training Method

The Firefighter PPT is more than just being able to go up and down the stairs. It includes skill, stamina and strength. Coach Jose will break down the course for you in manageable steps as well as give you the skills and tips on the PPT to ensure your highest chances of success. 


Training Plan designed by Coach Jose

With over 10 years of experience and after training 1,500 candidates for the NJ Firefighter PPT, Coach Jose presents an effective and proven way to train for not only the PPT Obstacle Course, Darken Maze Crawl and Ladder Climb, but also for your New Jersey State Fire Academy Physical Fitness Test. 

Do you know what stations are in the NJ State Firefighter PPT? Get the free stations explanation sheet 

Where should we send the PPT Station Explanation PDF?

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