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Want to improve your training for PPT Test? 

Read Below about training better and more effective for the NJ State Firefighter PPT! 

Are you training by running non-stop in hopes of performing better at the NJ State Firefighter PPT?

The NJ Firefighter PPT is composed of three exams, the Obstacle Course, the Darkened Maze Crawl and the Ladder Climb. The most physical component is the Obstacle Course. This course needs to be passed in under 5 minutes, so although running is a great endurance enhancer, it is not enough to increase your performance for the NJ Firefighter PPT which is a conditioning and power based physical challenge. 

Are you spending countless hours on the "stairmaster" a day as you train for the stairs portion of the test? 

The stairs portion of the NJ Firefighter PPT consist of traveling 12 total steps for 12 cycles for a total of 144 steps carrying a high rise pack as well as already having the 40lbs vest on you. This portion of the exam should take less than 2 minutes in order to have time to finish the rest of the test on time. This means that your leg stamina and conditioning have to go to war for 2 minutes and then survive 2 more minutes after the stairs as you finish the course in under 5 minutes. For this reason we don't recommend you spending an hour on the stair master training for a 2 minute stair climb. Training for Muscular Stamina is different than training for Cardiovascular Endurance. 

So how then should I train for the NJ State Firefighter PPT? 

There are different ways to train your body for the physical challenge of the NJ Firefighter PPT and it does not involve running non-stop or spending countless hours on the stairmaster. I've designed a training structure that if you follow it every day for 6 days, add it to your current training and repeat every week, you'll be better prepared for the NJ State Firefighter PPT. For just $7 you can download this training course and begin as soon as possible to maximize your passing potential for the test. 

I've been a personal trainer for over 11 years, a firefighter for 12 years, and have trained hundreds of candidates to pass firefighter, police and military entry level exams. I am giving you a roadmap to success based on proven success for over 1,500 candidates. For the price of a Starbucks coffee, you can unlock your training potential to pass the NJ Firefighter PPT and land the best job in the world, a professional firefighter. 

Get your training guide for just $7 by filling out the form below. Your future career depends on it! 

Get Your PPT Physical Fitness Training Plan for just $7

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