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NJ HIIT Kids Fitness is our latest add-on to our fitness programs! This camp will help your child develop a love for fitness via an educational, fun, and safe environment with our certified NJ HIIT Coaches. Although fun, this program will help your child increase functional movements and strength, which in turn help reduce the risk of disease and injury, while simultaneously helping them increase capacity in sport, life, and in fitness.

Our camp will help your child:

  • Learn about fitness in a fun and safe atmosphere with certified fitness coaches!

  • Increase self-confidence and teamwork.

  • Develop leadership skills.

  • Gain foundational knowledge of sound nutrition to fuel their body.

  • Improve performance in movement and sport.

  • Increase flexibility, functional movement, and range of motion.

  • Personally grow through continued mentorship from NJ HIIT Coaches.

Limited Spots available!*
In order to maximize the learning experience and attention of those registered, our Spring Break Fitness Camp is limited to no more than 15 Athletes per group. Once 15 athletes are registered per age group, the slot will close and no more registrations will be able to be processed. 


*Camp investment is $150 

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