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Membership Freeze or Cancellation


NJ HIIT understands emergencies and accidents do happen. For this reason, NJ HIIT allows one complimentary freeze per membership agreement for up to 1 month for medical reasons only. If the freeze needs to be extended past the one month, there will be a freeze fee of $25/month. During this period, no other monthly dues will be charged. A request for a freeze must be made through this page. Our Membership Relations Manager will contact you within 1-2 business days. An official doctor's note stating the length of the freeze must be provided to freeze your membership. 


You must fill out the form below to submit a freeze request. We cannot process freeze requests over e-mail, social media message/"DM", phone, or any other method. Freeze request must be submitted at least 3 working days prior to the membership dues billing date. Refunds for an already charged membership dues will not honored if the freeze request is submitted after the billing date. 


It may take up three to five business days to process a freeze request from the time it is submitted. Once your request is reviewed and processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. We will contact you if we have any further questions. Membership freeze will take effect on the next billing date after processing.

To unfreeze a membership, submit the unfreeze request using the same form below and bring a completed NJ HIIT Medical Release Form to the facility on your next visit. CLICK HERE for the NJ HIIT MEDICAL RELEASE FORM.

Please note that the form on this page does not freeze Personal Training agreements. To freeze your Personal Training agreement please contact your Personal Training Coach or the NJ HIIT Personal Training Dept Manager via


If you would like to freeze your membership, fill out the form on this page.


Canceling your membership will subject you to enrollment fees and any new membership rates if you decide to return to NJ HIIT later. That's why we offer the option to freeze your membership instead of canceling (see above for more details).

NJ HIIT Membership Cancelation Policy: With the exemption of the Month-to-Month agreement, NJ HIIT membership cancelations are honored with a membership cancelation fee. NJ HIIT cancelation fees are as follows: 

($100) for 3-months memberships ($150) for 6-month memberships or ($200) for 12-month memberships. 

Month-to-Month Memberships do not require a cancelation fee when canceled by the member.

Please remember that we require 30 days notice for cancellation, which means that you are responsible for any payments within 30 days of your request to cancel. Cancellation fees must be paid before your final usage date. All fees and outstanding dues must be paid for the cancellation to take effect. Memberships cancelations during an active membership freeze are subject to cancelation fees.

*Please Note: We will do our best to contact members to address their card on file that declines their automatic membership payments. However, after a minimum of 5 unsuccessful contact attempts via phone, text, and e-mail within a two month period, we reserve the right to send the account to our debt collection agency.  

Membership Freeze or Cancelation Request

To freeze, unfreeze or cancel your membership, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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