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Est. 2013

From body weight only workouts in a rented out warehouse, to park workouts with no equipment, to hitting the track for sprint training, and now a fitness community that has impacted thousands of lives currently headquartered out of a 7,700sq foot facility. We started with with the bare minimum and expanded to a fully loaded and resourceful facility for our NJ HIIT Community. Check out our story! 
NJ HIIT 1st class

July 10 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first group workout in a warehouse in Elmwood Park, NJ

July 16 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first outdoor group workout in Secaucus, NJ 

July 29 2013 //

NJ HIIT makes its way to Bloomfield, NJ hosting the first of many workouts in Foley Field.

NJ HIIT Bloomfield

September 22 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first of many fitness community events with a team hiking trip to High Point, NJ. 

January 4 2014 //

Responding to a cold winter, NJ HIIT is forced to bring group workouts indoors opening its first indoor facility at 224 Broughton Ave in Bloomfield, NJ as NJ HIIT Fitness & Wellness. 700sq training space, 200 sq office. 

NJ HIIT North Arlington

June 17 2015 //

Due to the lack of space in Bloomfield, NJ to accommodate the continuous increase in membership, NJ HIIT signs a lease to relocate its facility to North Arlington, NJ. 

March 5 2016 //

NJ HIIT officially opens the doors to the new and current 7,700sq ft. fitness facility at 576 Ridge Road in North Arlington, NJ increasing its training space by 7,000sqft. 



Present Day//

As of 2022 NJ HIIT continues to grow, fulfilling it's 5 Pillars of Fitness that incorporate personal growth, group empowerment, and a life of servant leadership. Those 5 pillars are Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness, Social Fitness, Selfless Fitness, and Spiritual Fitness.

Since 2013 NJ HIIT has trained over 3,000 people, including over 1,000 firefighter candidates across the state of NJ. NJ HIIT has helped people achieve a variety of goals, from losing body fat, getting into college sports, military and police preparation and even helping a member achieve becoming a WWE Superstar. NJ HIIT members and staff have delivered over 7,000 sandwiches to the homeless, delivered over 500 bookbags and school supplies to underprivileged children in Paterson and Newark, NJ, assisted in supply missions to Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria, and donated supplies to those in need including blankets, pajamas to hospital patients, and an ongoing sneaker drive amongst many other acts of service in the past 9-years. NJ HIIT's Social Fitness events range from two Hikes every year, a Beach Outing, yearly Friendsgiving, a yearly end of the year gala, and other social events that bring the members together in an engaging environment. 


The NJ HIIT community represents more than being physically fit, it represents living a PURPOSEFUL, MINDSET-FIRST, VISION-LED life that is balanced through personal growth, social interactions, and selfless service.

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