NJ HIIT 1st class
NJ HIIT Bloomfield
NJ HIIT North Arlington

July 10 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first group workout in a warehouse in Elmwood Park, NJ

July 16 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first outdoor group workout in Secaucus, NJ 

July 29 2013 //

NJ HIIT makes its way to Bloomfield, NJ hosting the first of many workouts
in Foley Field.

September 22 2013 //

NJ HIIT hosts its first of many fitness community events with a team hiking trip
to High Point, NJ. 

January 4 2014 //

Responding to a cold winter, NJ HIIT is forced to bring group workouts indoors opening its first indoor facility at 224 Broughton Ave in Bloomfield, NJ as NJ HIIT Fitness & Wellness. 700sq training space, 200 sq office. 

June 17 2015 //

Due to the lack of space in Bloomfield, NJ to accommodate the continuous increase in membership, NJ HIIT signs a lease to relocate its facility to North Arlington, NJ. 

March 5 2016 //

NJ HIIT officially opens the doors to the new and current 7,700sq ft. fitness facility
at 576 Ridge Road in North Arlington,NJ increasing its training space by 7,000sqft.