Are you new to fitness? Begin your fitness journey at NJ HIIT with our CORE FUNDAMENTALS. 


If you're an unexperienced athlete, CORE FUNDAMENTALS is the prerequisite to attending NJ HIIT classes! Here is where  you will learn the basic foundations of safe and effective movement  to maximize your results. CORE FUNDAMENTALS is broken up into three main classes followed by a complimentary one week pass. All three sessions must be successfully completed before signing up for membership or class passes. (Experienced athletes, scroll down to schedule your complimentary movement evaluation to get you started with our complimentary one-week pass!)


  • 3 Semi-Private training sessions with an NJ HIIT Coach

    • Learn safe and effective body-weight movements

    • Learn proper and safe lifting techniques

    • Learn fundamental exercises and terminology

    • Learn how to modify and progress exercises according to your movement abilities and restrictions.

    • Exercises include body-weight movements, TRX, Barbells, Kettlebells, Plyometrics and Metabolic Conditioning amongst others. 

    • Develop confidence in your abilities and movement

    • Workout session in every fundamentals class. 

  • Compimentary pass for  1 -(One) Full Week of NJ HIIT classes. 

  • Use of MyZone® heart rate monitor  in every class.

  • 2x Complimentary Normatec® Recovery Pump Boot Sessions.

  • 1x Complimentary Pre or Post training session beverage.



$99 per person


1st Session: Begins every Friday night at 7:00pm

2nd and 3rd Session: Saturday and Sunday 7:00am

All Athletes must complete all three Core Fundamentals sessions prior to attending NJ HIIT classes.

**Already experienced in fitness? Our coaching team will schedule a one-on-one movement assessment at no cost to you to assess your movement. If your movements are deemed safe and appropriate by our movement coach, you can skip core fundamentals and receive a consecutive 7-day  pass to all our classes. Submit your request below!**

Experienced Athlete? Request a complimentary movement evaluation with a Coach! 

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