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MyZone: What is it?

Myzone, in its most basic form, is a wearable heart rate tracking device. This innovative fitness wearable uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately track and monitor physical activity and quantifies it. Not only that it encourages users to move more by applying a social competitive element.

In the gym

Wearing your Myzone belt automatically results in your personal heart rate ‘tile’ appearing on the big screen on our main TV. This gives us, and you, tons of useful information. It shows us how hard you are working. How quickly you recover. How many calories you burn and how challenging your workout is.

Once you’ve finished your workout, the data is automatically loaded onto the cloud you can access this data via the Myzone App. This app stores all your workout data. It tracks one of the jewels in the Myzone Crown, Myzone Effort Points (MEP’s). MEP’s are an objective measure of effort levels for a given workout. Points accumulate for every minute spent in a heart rate zone, with time spent in higher zones equating to more MEP’s.

It is this measure that allows the comparison of one workout to another and forms the basis of Myzone Challenges, another of the ‘stars’ of the Myzone system.

As a standard, Myzone users are invited to accumulate a minimum number of points (1300) over each month. Continually hitting this minimum standard leads to ‘status’ awards.

1 month gives you ‘Iron’ status.3 months is ‘Bronze’. 6 is ‘Silver and so on, leading onto a ‘Hall of Fame’ Myzone user -somebody with 36 months of continuously hitting 1300 points every month.

This system is mightily addictive. You strive to gain a higher status knowing that slipping up for just one month leads to being reduced back to ‘Zero’ status in this game of ‘Fitness Snakes and Ladders’!

The power of social interaction

Myzone has cleverly attached a social element to it’s app. Users can ‘follow’ other users. See their workouts. Like them and even comment upon them.

At NJ HIIT Fitness members follow each other offering words of encouragement and congratulations with each workout and status level achieved.

It also allows us, as coaches, to follow your activities outside of the gym and see whether you really are ‘working out on the beach’ while on holiday.

How we use MyZone

The big screen at the gym displays Myzone users heart rate tile (heart rate, calories burned, percentage of maximum heart rate and MEP’s) for every member who is currently working out in the gym with a MyZone belt. We use this information, at its most basic level, as a guide to how hard you are working and how quickly you are recovering.

As coaches, it’s important we push just enough. MyZone gives us a quantifiable way of measuring your effort at that moment, and when looking at the session overall.

If you are working too hard, we can dial things back a little. This means the sessions are tailored to you and your own, individual, physiology. As a result, this will give you better results.

Don’t take our word for it come along and test us out for yourself with our 3-Day Trial.

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