"Personal Success through Group Empowerment". 


NJ HIIT is a fitness community composed of individuals from all walks of life helping one another achieve balanced and optimal levels of mental and physical fitness. More than just a brick and mortar fitness facility, NJ HIIT represents a philosophy of teamwork and leadership where our world-class coaches, staff, and community of everyday athletes inspire and empower one another to become better versions of themselves every day. Fitness is defined by more than just physical activity, for this reason, NJ HIIT promotes balance in life including nutrition, rest, recovery, mind-body connectivity, physical movement, overall health improvement as well as being of service to those in need. Incorporating these elements, NJ HIIT helps our community achieve sustainable and long-term fitness success. An essential aspect of success is consistency. Therefore, NJ HIIT represents being consistent in meeting and surpassing your health and fitness goals while enjoying the process and embracing the journey.


To provide professional and world class fitness and health services. To enhance the overall well being of our fitness community through our fitness classes, group empowering training, coaching, leadership and customized fitness and nutrition programs. We help our athletes achieve their individual goals through education, physical fitness, mindset enhancement, and accountability with the help and support of our fitness community. We strive to make an impact on not only our fitness community, but the lives of those in need through outreach, volunteerism, and charitable service.