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We do this by providing professional and world class fitness and health services and enhancing the overall well being of our fitness community through our fitness classes, group empowering training, coaching, leadership, and customized fitness and nutrition programs. We help our membership of every day athletes achieve their individual goals through education, physical fitness, mindset enhancement, and accountability with the help and support of our fitness community. We strive to make an impact on not only our fitness community, but the lives of those in need through outreach, volunteerism, and charitable service.


NJ HIIT is a fitness community composed of individuals from all walks of life helping one another achieve balanced and optimal levels of mental and physical fitness. More than just a brick and mortar fitness facility, NJ HIIT represents a philosophy of teamwork and leadership where our world-class coaches, staff, and community of everyday athletes inspire and empower one another to become better versions of themselves every day. Fitness is defined by more than just physical activity, for this reason, NJ HIIT promotes balance in life including nutrition, rest, recovery, mind-body connectivity, physical movement, overall health improvement as well as being of service to those in need. Incorporating these elements, NJ HIIT helps our community achieve sustainable and long-term fitness success. An essential aspect of success is consistency. Therefore, NJ HIIT represents being consistent in meeting and surpassing your health and fitness goals while enjoying the process and embracing the journey.



We Are Authentic

We come from a real place within. Our actions and words are parallel with our beliefs and values.

We will be ourselves, not an imitation of what we think we should be or have been told we should be.



We Act with and Embody Integrity


We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our members, our staff, and our community.

We represent uprightness of character & soundness of moral principles.

We defend the quality of truthfulness & honesty and openly collaborate in pursuit of the truth.

We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas, or passive-aggressive behavior. 

We do the right thing even when no one is looking.

We are Humble. We Stay "Hungry"

We display grit without the ego. We are coachable, a life-long learners able to give and receive direct, constructive, respectful feedback. We own our own improvement, we're honest about our mistakes and learn from them.

We own our life objectives, we initiate development goals, and conversations about new opportunities.

We are consistently getting to know ourselves better and seeking self improvement.


We Lead by Example

We prioritize fitness and health via our five fitness pillars. We only expect what we have done and we live an exemplary life by creating IMPACT within our own families, friends, team, and within our selves. We inspire our members and surrounding community to consistently push themselves towards betterment and greatness, showing them the way by doing it ourselves.

We Protect the Team

We show up for each other, act with empathy, and bring our authentic selves to our community every day.

We're growing this fitness community not only for own personal gain, but for each others.

We hold each other accountable, we celebrate each other, and we help each other excel in all areas of life.

We Over-Perform

We go the extra mile, above and beyond, we exceed expectations. We strive to meet more than the requirement.

We are detailed driven focusing on delivering IMPACT and aiming at the WOW factor. We are impeccable with our words and actions.

We Get It Done

We take ownership and initiative. We don’t wait for orders to do what we know needs to be done.

We are proactive in every way always choose what’s morally and ethically right over what's popular.

We keep the best interest of our members and the staff team in mind and make it happen the best way you can.

We always do our best.



We believe that in order for one to be truly fit, attention should be consciously given to all areas of our lives to ensure positive and healthy overall growth.


What good is it to be physically fit if we don’t tend to our mindset and let our mental health take a toll?

What good is it to be physically fit if we don’t live a life of purpose and of service to those in need?

What good is it to be physically fit in life if we don't live exemplary where others can emulate our positive behavior? 


Our life is to be led with a positive vision and serve as a lighthouse to our family, friends, community, and those in greater need. For this reason, NJ HIIT promotes 5 pillars of fitness that are to be given equal attention to live a well balanced life of true fitness. The five pillars of fitness are:







Physical Fitness //

Physical Fitness is the one you can see. The physical movements, body composition changes etc.. This is why we train physically/ exercise, track body composition via Inbody and run reoccurring assessments on our members. Physical fitness helps us create a healthy lifestyle and gives us that post workout “good feeling” (Endorphins).


Mental Fitness //

Mental Fitness is the one that helps you push past mental barriers, struggles and the stress that comes with life. This includes self-worth and belief in ones capabilities and achievements. Mental fitness defends the belief that putting out positive thoughts throughout our day and truly believing what we put out will guide us in the direction we want. This is why we promote MINDSET in everything we do. The mind quits first, so keep your mind going and the rest will follow. 

Spiritual Fitness //

Spiritual Fitness represents the fact that we are all individually here for a greater purpose where the mission is to leave behind a ripple effect of positive impact. To truly give the dash that separates our birthdate from our death-date on on tombstone an impactful meaning for generations to come. Spiritual Fitness also represents our connection with the energy that surrounds and connects each of us to one another and to the world for a greater purpose.


Selfless Fitness //

Selfless Fitness represents giving back to the community and being of service to others. Taking action to help those in need and those less privileged than us. To be there for one another despite knowing each other or not. Being wholeheartedly involved in the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. This is why NJ HIIT leads initiatives such as PB&J Fridays for the homeless, Bookbag drives for underprivileged children, toy drives, and multiple charity events throughout the year.

Social Fitness //

Social Fitness is being able to communicate and enjoy the presence of others in a fun and productive environment. Whether that be friends, family, fellow gym members, staff, etc... Social Fitness includes promoting bonding within our community by welcoming new members and including/inviting them within our classes, events and outings. This is why NJ HIIT hosts social events such as annual beach outings, bi-annual hikes, an end of the year party, Friendsgivings, brunches, picnics and more. 

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