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Pre-Academy Training Program

For Law Enforcement & Military Candidates

Cycle 24.2 
June 18th 2024 - Aug 2nd 2024

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Program Dates

June 18th 2024 - Aug 2nd 2024


Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays



NJ HIIT Fitness

576 Ridge Road

 North Arlington, NJ 07031


$450 per Candidate

*Limited Spots Available* 

"It really prepared me physically and mentally. I love this program."

- Port Authority Police Dept Candidate

"This program made me confident that I’ll be prepared for academy life."

- Jersey City Police Dept Candidate

The Pre-Academy Training Program at NJ HIIT is a 8-week preparation course for anyone entering the law enforcement or military field led by Warning Order LLC. This course is beneficial to anyone going into State or Municipal Police Academies, Correction Academies, Federal Government and/or U.S Military basic training.


Candidates will meet (3) days a week for (8) weeks. Training will cover Physical Conditioning, Defensive Tactics, Striking, Takedowns, Re-Direction, Escorts, Handcuffing, Edged Weapons Defense & Verbal Commands. Additionally, career counseling will be offered, research on various law enforcement related topics as well as team & para-military format Drill & Ceremony.


NJ Police Academies have a physical agility entrance requirement implemented as of on January 1st 2015. In addition, two test will be held in the academies to ensure these standards are still being met. The Pre-Academy Training Program at NJ HIIT will prepare the candidates for this test.


Your Instructor: Jay Martinez. Jay served in the law enforcement field and retired after 25 years as a Police Narcotics Detective and S.W.A.T Commander. He is a Lead Agency Trainer with over 17 years of Academy Instruction experience in 3 different NJ academies. He is a certified Drill Instructor, Physical Training Instructor, and a Defensive Tactics & Firearms specialist. Jay was also in the special forces having served as a Recon Marine with 2d. Recon- Delta Co and has deployed to over 35 countries in 5 continents. Learn more about Jay at

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