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Angel Rowe

Personal Training Director

Angel Rowe serves as the Personal Training Fitness Director at NJ HIIT Fitness. Coach Angel is also a Personal Trainer and Health Coach, holding a bachelor's degree in Health and Exercise Science and a Sport and Exercise Psychology certification. At NJ HIIT, she specializes in helping women achieve body composition goals, prepare for Tactical Professions, and pass entry-level fitness tests.

Coach Angel competed as a Track and Field All-American athlete at Rowan University. During her career, she became All-American, broke, and still holds the Rowan University school record in the Women's Triple Jump. She was also a Conference Champion on multiple occasions.

With her layered experience in the fitness and health field, she has trained many people, from professional athletes, people with physical and mental disabilities, the elderly population, and youth athletes to adult training. Her love for movement started when she was around seven years old as a ballerina, then snowballed into cheerleading and later into sports. She firmly believes that exercise is medicine, as she is a living testimony of it! Angel's goal is to educate and spread awareness of exercise being fun and vital for good health and to debunk the widely held belief that exercise is strenuous, tedious, and an overall burden.


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