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" My journey with NJ HIIT started almost 2 years ago. I have been the product of consistent dedication and hard work, thanks to the guidance of Coach Jose and team. I have lost over 20lbs; I have visible muscle tone, and huge cardio improvement. They will push you and will learn your abilities to ensure that you are growing stronger. NJ HIIT has helped me become disciplined and accountable to make certain that I eat right, show up every morning and set the pace for the day. Thanks to NJ HIIT, I did my first 5K run and also participated in two City Challenge Race (Obstacle Race Course). This is the place I call my second home. This is where you create good habits and wake up early without an alarm and get after it. NJ HIIT has a lot to offer, they will treat you like family. Best part is, we work together as a team, when one struggles, we are there to help and encourage each other. Shout out to Kat and Ricky for being incredibly supportive, trying to keep up with both of you is hard. You guys challenged me at every moment you could, and I am thankful for that.

Paul Luzuriaga

Today was my first class I took at NJ HIIT and it was great! The strength and conditioning course was tough but the energy from the other participants was infectious and motivating. The instructor was engaging and present throughout the session and was ready to help anyone in need. The class was over before it started and I felt accomplished. Looking forward to this journey at NJ HIIT.

Fernando Hoyos

If you want to get stronger and/or push yourself to new levels, this gym is for you! It's fun and the coaches are there to support you and guide you on your journey.

I'm very grateful because I did my first Spartan 5K Stadion race at Citi Field this past November with an amazing group of ladies. I know that I got my medal because of their training, encouragement, and motivation. Shout out to Annie, Angel, Denisse, and Jose!

Georgina Espinoza

This gym is by far the best gym in the world I’ve searched so hard for a good trainer and angel is absolutely amazing!! I just took my first combat group class and omg it was so much fun I highly recommend this place to EVERYONE ITS DEFINITELY WHAT IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR !


Jose Soto was an absolute professional, answered any questions we had about the firefighter physical performance test, and gave advice & tips that are absolutely game changing. The course he ran was spot on and his training was top of the line, can’t say I’ve been coached/motivated by someone of his caliber ever. Truly an inspiring Gentleman and very uplifting person and gym!

Pablo Torres

NJ Hit has a team culture for working out. The coaches and regulars are all friendly and help push one another on a regular basis. There is a team feeling we all need to help push one another to be better together. This is the gym I have needed and I'm glad I finally found it. I joined in July of 2021 and since then I have lost 18 lbs, I have a ton of more energy, I feel so much stronger, and I am definitely addicted to being challenged by my gym. Thank you NJ HIIT for making me and everyone else better.

Robert Olahan

Having been to many gyms in the area, NJHIIT is a unique fitness center! It has been a little over over a year since I joined and in this past year I have seen so much growth and improvement in all areas in my life, especially physically and mentally. NJHIIT is not just a fitness center or gym. It is a place where you walk out feeling stronger, more confident in yourself, goal oriented, focused, and you find the meaning of discipline. NJHIIT coaches are energetic and knowledgeable. The workouts are always fun!! I look forward to working out, becoming a better version of myself, and constantly challenging myself.

Lorena Ceron

NJ HIIT came into my life back in 2014 at the original Bloomfield facility. My husband (then boyfriend at the time) and I decided to join a couples fitness challenge and ended up loving it so much that we became members. We quickly realized that this wasn’t just a group exercise gym. You had coaches who were passionate about helping you get results. We began attending charity and fundraising events. Part of NJ HIIT’s mission was improving fitness in ALL areas of your life, not just from taking a 60 minute class. NJ HIIT inspired me to get healthy, increase my fitness level, give back to the community, and create some long lasting friendships.

NJ HIIT isn’t just a gym — it’s an experience.

Victoria Gonzalez

My decision to join has been life changing. I have never belonged to a gym that felt so welcoming and challenging. The staff and members are always encouraging and pushing you to do your best. I look forward to all my workouts for the first time in a long time.

Vanessa Rodiguez

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