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"Love the vibes at NJHIIT and the coaches are all awesome! Having signed up for my first class about 1.5 years ago, I've seen NJHIIT grow into the awesome facility it is today and I love how selective Jose/Lou have been in their selection of coaches. Took my first class with a new coach and was skeptical at first but have to say I loved her energy and can see why she's been teaching at the studio for the last year. On the contrary, I do wish the studio had more weights (10 and 12lbs) especially given the women/men ratio and how most women (I saw) prefer 10-12 lbs...this is pretty much my only feedback as I do love everything else about the studio :)"

-Priyanka Shah

"The motivation you feel is amazing. It gets me to want to go and keep going. When I'm there I do my best to push through the tough but awesome workouts and know no matter what I will always be pushed and motivated to do my best by the coaches and other athletes!"

-Erica Perez

"I’m a Personal Training client of Jose here at NJ HIIT! I’ve started my journey of a healthier lifestyle about 6 years ago. I weighed 225 pounds and I was completely out of shape, couldn’t even run on the treadmill for more then 60 seconds. Since then I’ve made countless efforts to loose weight and get into shape. I’ve tried diets, juice fasts, workout videos, but none of that added up. Back in the summer I started working out with Jose and Nadia in their group sessions they held in the field. It was amazing, unlike any workout I’ve ever had. Not to mention motivational! So when they opened NJ HIIT i started my personal training sessions here and I can’t tell you how my body has changed, I’m so much stronger, I have less body fat, I’m educated on the food I’m putting into my body , I understand so much better the importance of consistency and dedication. It’s also such a big motivation for me to have a trainer that genuinely cares about my progress and of course the progress of all his clients, it makes me know I’m in the right place! There truly is no place like this!"      

- Jessica Salazar

"I remember the first day I attended a NJ HIIT class, I was so nervous because I did not know what to expect. I would see pictures and videos of the class which seemed intimidating. But after that first class I was hooked! I was looking for something that would push me to my limits and then some. Going to the gym and lifting weights was good, but I needed more. HIIT gave me that extra boost and challenge I was looking for. Both coaches are awesome! Besides physical training, you get mental training. They help us fight against our biggest enemy, our MIND, (that little voice in our head that tell us we can’t do it). Three months ago my mind told me I couldn’t do it and today I have accomplished challenges I never thought I could! I feel a lot stronger physically and mentally. I’m seeing changes and muscles in parts of my body I’ve never seen before. The best part are the friends I’ve made. We all push and motivate one another. We work as team and do not allow anyone to quit, whether it’s your 1st or 20thday! There’s no better workout than that!"   

– Denisse G.



"Highly recommended!! At first my thoughts were this place was too small, but it worked! I got a killer workout and the attention from the trainers are great! They help you with your form etc! Im happy to be part of the team and cant wait for my Truck tire flipping, Fire hose pulling killer workouts this summer!!" 

- Getine Taylor

"The events are great and the classes as challenging. The instructors encourage myself to push hard but the most important for me are the tips that they give to us. More than do the exercise is doing it right. When Jose showed us the right way to do a push up and when he said tips about what to eat after class, before and any other tips to increase our chances for results, that's what really made me passionate about the gym.".

- Sarah Liebert

"Very attentive and professional coaches. They encourage athletes of all fitness levels and make them achieve their goals. It is a very community/team support environment. The classes can be very intimidating and challenging but the other athletes make it worth sticking around. You are guaranteed to work hard as soon as you walk through that door!"

- J.F.

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