NJ HIIT Membership

Experience the energy and team accountability of the NJ HIIT group training membership. Led by world class coaches, NJ HIIT workouts ensure maximum results through proper programming and customized fitness plans. Our classes include Strength, HIIT and Total Body circuits to improve overall strength, power, core stability, balance, and overall conditioning. NJ HIIT memberships include unlimited classes, total body composition assessments every 30 days, one-on-one goal setting meetings with NJ HIIT Coaches, nutritional guidance, a customized fitness plan and the accountability from your fellow NJ HIIT athletes and Coaching staff. When it comes to fitness success, it's not about perfection, it's about daily improvements, therefore our NJ HIIT team will ensure consistency through team empowerment.

One-on-One Coaching

Want to take your fitness to the next level and achieve faster results? Our one-on-one coaching programs give you the support, accountability and attention to detail you need to maximize your results. Individualized fitness programs are created by our world class certified coaches who will ensure you stay on track and not only attain maximum fitness and health results but also ensure sustainability in your success!

Law Enforcement Pre-Academy Training Program

Are you prepared for the NJ Pre-Police Academy Entry Physical Agility Test?


The Pre-Academy Training Program is a 10-week prepatory  course for anyone entering the law enforcement or military field. This course applies to anyone going into State or Municipal Police Academies, Correction Academies, Federal Government and/or U.S Military. Candidates will meet (3) days a week for (10) weeks. 


Training will cover Physical Conditioning, Defensive Tactics, striking, takedowns, re-direction, escorts, handcuffing, edged weapons defense & verbal commands. Additionally, career counseling will be offered, research on various law enforcement related topics as well as team & para-military format drill & ceremony. 

NJ Firefighter PPT Training Course

Ace the NJ Firefighter physical performance test with the NJ HIIT Firefighter PPT Course! 


The course is a parallel replica to the actual Physical Performance Test with minor differences such as heavier weights and techniques to improve your game day performance. Created by a NJ career Firefighter and Owner of the NJ HIIT  training  facility, the NJ HIIT PPT course is sure to take your test day performance to the next level.

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