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NJ HIIT Youth Strength and Conditioning program is a comprehensive sports conditiiong program catered towards male and female youth between the ages of 8 and 16. This program will help your child develop and increase functional movements and strength, which in turn help reduce the risk of disease and injury, while simultaneously helping them increase capacity in sport, in life, and in fitness.

Our program will help your child:

  • Improve performance in movement and sport.

  • Increase flexibility, functional movement, and range of motion.

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of strength training.

  • Increase work capacity.

  • Improve neuromuscular coordination and reaction.

  • Increase self-confidence and teamwork. 

  • Gain foundational knowledge of sound nutrition to fuel their body.

  • Personally grow through continued mentorship from NJ HIIT Coaches.

Through the NJ HIIT Youth Strength and Conditioning Program, all youth are guaranteed to benefit in not only the physical and cognitive capacity, but will also be instilled with the self confidence and leadership skills necessary to set their future goals and dreams into action!

Limited Spots available!*
In order to maximize the learning experience and attention of those registered, our strength and conditioning program is limited to no more than 10 Athletes per group. Once 10 athletes are registered per age group, the slot will close and no more registrations will be able to be processed. 

Investments are to be made in a one time payment of $150 per child.

We will contact you 24 business hours after registration to confirm your youths spot in the program.  

Functional movement and resistance training are important aspects of life that need to be maintained throughout all ages. Current research highlights the benefits of resistance training at a young age which include muscle mass growth and retention, increased bone density, and developmental and cognitive advantages that carry on throughout life. 

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