2021 Kickstart

Inbody Challenge

January 11th 2021 - February 26th 2021
It's a new year! It's time to crank it up to a new gear and level up to set the pace and momentum for the rest of the year!

What better way to do it than with our Annual INBODY® BODY COMPOSITION KICKSTART CHALLENGE!

The InBody challenge is a health transformation contest to get you on the right track to a healthier, happier life this fall. The goal of this competition is to reward individuals who improve their overall body composition by increasing lean body mass (LBM) and/or losing fat mass (FM).
This challenge is open to members and non-members alike! Non-members will receive unlimited access to NJ HIIT and resources for the length of the challenge! Thats an additional $220 value!
Awards given to both Male and Female place holders
1st Place Winner
$200 Cash
2nd Place Winner
$50 Cash
3rd Place Winner
 One Month Membership to person of choice (Not Self) 
Check out the info video, the official guide and rule book and then Register below! 

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