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Marathon in the City





January 17th at 7:00PM
Base Week Begins: January 22nd
Team In-Person Training:
Wednesdays at 5:30AM
Saturdays at 7:00AM 
Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions

Presented by Julio Mercado,
Certified Running Coach.

Coach Julio Mercado has over 20 Years of Physical Fitness education experience. He is a Certified Running Coach through the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy and a Certified Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is an avid runner not only having ran countless races from 5k's, Marathons and Ultra-Marathons, but helping others achieve these great feats of endurance and fitness as well.


Coach Julio is an on staff Coach at NJ HIIT Fitness where he leads strength and conditioning classes and personalized training programs. In addition, Coach Julio has a military background having served in the United States Marine Corps for over 9 years where he was also a Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor. 

The NJ HIIT Running Program Will Cover

The End Goal of the 12-16 week Running Program is for you to run a 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon. We will assist you in finding the best one for you and you will have a team doing it with you! 

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NJ HIIT Running Program
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NJ HIIT Running Program about? 

The running program is a structured training plan for anyone looking to improve their running no matter what distance. From a 1-mile run all the way to a Full Marathon, the running program will improve your running capabilities through a structured and individualistic daily plan and in-person training. 



When does the NJ HIIT Running Program begin?

The NJ HIIT Running Program begins Monday, January 22nd 2024



When is the Orientation Day?

Orientation Day will be on January 17th at 7:00PM at our NJ HIIT North Arlington, NJ location. During Orientation your Endurance Coach will cover all the details about the program and answer any and all questions regarding the training. Please bring note writing material to Orientation Day. 



Do I need to be an NJ HIIT member to join the NJ HIIT Running Program?

Anyone can join the Running program! Members and non-members alike.



Do we meet in person during the NJ HIIT Running Program? 

Yes, you will meet with our Endurance Coach two times a week to go over form, cadence training, intervals, and more on one day and long distance training on the second day of each week. 



When do we meet in person for training?

For the 1st session of 2024, you will meet with your Endurance Coach in person Wednesdays at 5:30AM at the Riverside Track in Lyndhurst, NJ and Saturdays at 7:00AM at local parks for your long distance training.




I can’t meet in person one of the two days. Should I still join the NJ HIIT Running Program?

Your Endurance Coach will be available to help you make up the day, possibly meeting you at a different time, or give you the training session for that day. You’ll have the opportunity to always make up your missed days via “make up” days or completing the training plan for that day on your own. 



Is there a program to follow on the days we don’t train in person?

Yes, you will have access to our app where you’ll be able to access your daily training for your distance goals. If your goal is to run a 10k, you’ll have a different training plan to follow than those who’s goal is to run a 5k.



I can’t even run a mile. Will the NJ HIIT Running Program help me?

Yes, the program is structured to help the most novice runner increase their ability to run safely, while conserving energy, improving endurance and cardiovascular output. The program is meant to be easily adapted to your plans, whether you want to finish any distance goal, or you have a specific time goal in mind to finish a race in the future. 



I want to train for the police/fire academy run test of 1.5 miles in less than 16 minutes. Will the NJ HIIT Running Program help me?

Yes, the run program will help you increase your endurance as you train for the academy test. 



What should I wear for the NJ HIIT Running Program?

All must haves and training gear will be addressed during our Orientation. However, you can prepare with ensuring you have running shoes are designed to support your foot when striking the ground properly, reducing friction and movement within the shoe. Steer clear from shoes not meant for running. 



I’ve never ran in a race officially. Can the NJ HIIT Running Program help me with a future race?

Yes, one of the goals of the NJ HIIT Running Program is to have you complete a race after you’re done with training! You’ll feel ready and excited to complete in your first race! 



I have questions that aren't addressed here, how can I contact you?

You can reach out to us via text at 973-891-0630 or call us during business hours at 973-337-6216. You can also follow us on instagram at @NJHIIT for updates.

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