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Deadlift Clinic

with Powerlifter Brandon Densmore
Deadlift Clinic


In the seminar led by Power-Lifter Brandon Densmore, the focus is on mastering the deadlift, a foundational movement in powerlifting and strength training. The atmosphere is likely charged with enthusiasm and dedication as Brandon, known for his expertise in this exercise, shares insights, techniques, and safety tips for performing the deadlift effectively.


The session begins with a comprehensive introduction to the deadlift, emphasizing its importance in building overall strength and muscle development. Brandon will delve into the anatomy involved, explaining how various muscle groups work together during the lift.

Attendees can anticipate a detailed breakdown of proper deadlift form and technique. Brandon will demonstrate the setup, foot positioning, grip variations, and body mechanics, ensuring everyone understands the key components for a safe and efficient deadlift. He will emphasize the significance of  spine position, core muscles, and the importance of proper breathing techniques.


As the seminar progresses, participants would have the opportunity to practice the deadlift under Brandon's guidance where he will offer personalized feedback, corrections, and tips to each attendee, ensuring they grasp the nuances of the lift. Questions are encouraged, fostering an interactive learning environment where everyone can benefit from Brandon's experience.


Safety protocols and injury prevention will undoubtedly be a focal point. Brandon will discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as strategies for overcoming plateaus and progressing in deadlift strength.


The seminar concludes with a recap of the key takeaways and a Q&A session where attendees can seek clarification or delve deeper into specific aspects of the deadlift. Overall, the seminar provides a solid foundation for participants to implement proper deadlift techniques, promoting safety, efficiency, and continued progress in their strength training.

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