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*Nominated for Best CrossFunction gym 
in Bergen County 2021 & now 2022!*
-201 Magazine  

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Take full advantage NJ HIIT's  2022 Deal NOW THROUGH January 10th!

Let NJ HIIT help you kickstart your 2022 goals!


Click on your desired option below to purchase 3-Month Membership or 1 Month Kickstart. Keep in mind both deals expire January 10th so either investment purchases must be done by this date. Our  Membership Team will contact you within 24 business hours to get your started!

* Discounted rate already applied. No Promo Code needed,.

* Current members can buy out of current membership and renew with the discounted rate. SEE FRONT DESK FOR DETAILS.

Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited Access to 25+ classes 7-days week!

  • Pre-training Movement Evaluation

  • Monthly InBody Body Composition Scans (Click Here to Learn More on InBody) 

  • Monthly InBody Blood Pressure Assessments

  • Open Gym Access 7-days a week

  • Normatec Recovery Pump Boots access (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Hypervolt & Theragun Recovery Guns Access

  • MyZone Heart Rate tracking access. (Click Here to Learn More)

  • Discounts from NJ HIIT Business Partners. 

  • NJ HIIT Rewards Program

  • Bring A Friends Passes

  • Unlimited accountability from coaches and staff!

What classes does the NJ HIIT membership include? 

Membership includes unlimited NJ HIIT fitness training classes! Get stronger and leaner with our strength classes, tap into the fat burning effects of our HIIT classes, take your training to a new level with Grit-Con classes, and choose from any of our specialty classes such as TRX, Combat, Cardio Core (Triple C), and our Boxing classes!

How do I know if I'm ready to take on NJ HIIT classes?

NJ HIIT classes are for everyone no matter your fitness level! Our coaches are experienced in modifying exercises for a variety of fitness levels and abilities as well as providing progressions for experienced athletes! In addition, before you begin NJ HIIT classes, you will undergo a movement evaluation where an NJ HIIT coach will address our main movements and provide effective feedback to help with your success!  

Besides classes what else does a membership include?

Our InBody Body Composition Assessment is included monthly in the NJ HIIT memebership. With an InBody Scan, you and our coaches will know exactly what we need to work on with you in terms of body fat, muscle mass, and outline a fitness plan to help with your success! You can learn more about the InBody Scan HERE

NJ HIIT membership also includes Open Gym Access where members can train at the gym on their own time between 5AM and 8PM. This would be a self guided training session, however, our coaches can provide workouts for you to do while you're at the facility. 

Our Recovery Tools such as our Normatec Pump boots and recovery guns are also available to use while you're stay at the facility. These state-of -the art tools are essential for quicker and effective recovery after NJ HIIT workouts.



What can I expect from my membership at NJ HIIT?

NJ HIIT prides itself in maintaining a positive, family friendly atmosphere where NJ HIIT members and staff work together to achieve team and individual physical fitness and mental fitness goals. You will part of a growing fitness community where you will not only participate in fitness classes throughout your membership, but also social and selfless event where you will have the opportunity to serve communities and need as well as socialize with fellow NJ HIIT members. NJ HIIT sponsors multiple outdoor events throughout the year as well as fitness challenges to boosts your success as an NJ HIIT members. 

Why choose NJ HIIT?

We make fitness fun and engaging! To meet your fitness and health goals you need to enjoy what you're doing; otherwise your chances of sticking to a fitness goal diminish. For this reason, NJ HIIT provides a fun, engaging, and effective ataostpherw and workouts so your experience is not only one that works, but one to enjoy and talk about for years to come. More than just physical fitness facility, NJ HIIT helps our community through a "Mindset First" approach ensuring our members and staff embrace the journey no matter where they are in in their own individual levels of fitness. 

Come enjoy our workouts, take part in our charitable, give back initiatives, come socialize with fellow members during our outdoor events, and free your mind of the daily weight by focusing on you and your health, one day, one workout at a time! 

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