One-On-One Coaching

Want to take your fitness to the next level and achieve faster results? Our one-on-one coaching programs give you the support, accountability and attention to detail you need to maximize your results. Individualized fitness programs are created by our world class certified coaches who will ensure you stay on track and not only attain maximum fitness and health results but also ensure sustainability in your success!

1 on1 Coaching Programs:

  • 3 Month Transformation Program (36 sessions)

  • 6 Month Transformation Program (72 sessions)

  • 12 Month Transformation Program (144 sessions)

Training bundles also available

  • 5 Workout Sessions

  • 10 Workout Sessions

  • 15 Workout Sessions

  • 20 Workout Sessions


Group/Buddy bundles also available

  • Train with one or more friends or family members and receive discounted rates per session! 

All 1 on1 Coaching Programs include:

  • Goal Setting meetings

  • Total Body Composition Assessment

  • Circumference measurements

  • Muscle Imbalance Assessment

  • Customized fitness program

  • Nutrition Consultations

  • 3-5 days/wk training sessions

  • Re-assesments every 30 days

  • Unlimited accountability & support from your personal Coach

Contact us to discuss 1 on 1 Coaching!

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