Our purpose is to enhance the overall quality of life of every NJ HIIT athlete through the empowerment of our fitness community.  NJ HIIT strives to inspire, educate, and ignite group empowerment, as we believe this is the key to success. We are dedicated to helping each person lead a balanced and fit lifestyle that can be endlessly passed down through time.


Location: North Arlington, NJ

Open Positions: 3


Submit the following requirements to

  • Resume

  • All current certifications

  • Years of experience

  • Customer service experience

  • Coaching history

  • Why fitness?

  • Availability




  • Active, energetic, outgoing, pleasant, and a welcoming disposition

  • Knowledgeable, Coachable, Service-Oriented

  • Confident and a consistent positive attitude

  • High level of attention to detail and well organized

  • Effective communication/diplomacy skills and good problem solving skills

  • Must be team oriented.

  • Must have a strong desire to help others.

  • Must have a passion for health and fitness.

  • Must have a strong desire to learn and grow intellectually.

  • Must undergo and complete the NJ HIIT Coach certification program 




Top-notch level of physical fitness is not a requirement. However, we are looking for potential NJ HIIT coach candidates that display reputable character and high energy.  We are looking for leaders in the physical fitness and health industry who have a passion for helping others succeed in health, fitness and overall wellness. All potential NJ HIIT coach candidates are required to pass an NJ HIIT Coach certification course regardless of the Nationally accredited certification they hold; regardless of the NJ HIIT coach in the field instructing a class, the overall experience to the members should be the same.


We are looking for our next leaders; if you think you have what it takes, submit a resume with the above-mentioned requirements, video introduction/highlight (not required but preferred).


Location: North Arlington, NJ

Open Positions: 1

Times Available- Mon-Friday 2pm-9pm (PM Shift)



  • Above average team working attitude. The NJ HIIT Cross-Training & Performance Facility staff is a team built upon trust, teamwork and efficient communication. Therefore, our most important requirement is that the staff member be a team player as teamwork is the foundation of NJ HIIT. Every staff members is a crucial component to the success of NJ HIIT daily operations. Each staff member counts on the other to complete NJ HIIT’s daily goals.

  • High school, College Degree or working towards one preferably in the Health & Fitness field.

  • Experience with Excel

  • Experience with reporting

  • Experience working in a team and be team oriented.

  • Experience in customer service

  • Ability to communicate and write clearly

  • Great communication and diplomacy skills

  • Friendly, welcoming, outgoing and positive personality

  • Interested in the fitness and health industry

  • Interested in team building

  • High level of attention to detail

  • Strong desire to learn and grow intellectually



  • Learn the NJ HIIT philosophy, Mission Statement, Vision and Purpose

  • Greet, check in/out, welcome all members

  • Learn athlete names

  • Welcome new members and walk ins.

  • Process walk ins information into our member software

  • Maintain and update client record on NJ HIIT accountability software

  • POS- Class passes, past dues, merchandise (Membership inquiries go to Advisor

  • Answer and appropriately forward phones calls

  • Calling members, past visitors, scheduling appointments

  • Generate Membership reports

  • Memorize membership and NJ HIIT services information

  • Effectively communicate information about NJ HIIT

  • Help keep the facility organized and clean

  • Attend all mandatory meetings

  • Willing to participate in NJ HIIT events

  • Support NJ HIIT in every aspect in order to achieve progress on a daily basis.

  • Help promote NJ HIIT through social media (FB, IG, Twitter, etc…)




Submit the following requirements to

  • Resume

  • Customer service experience

  • Why fitness?

  • Availability

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